dodoland app.

app development: Dodoland app. This app. has been developed togheter with psicologists team in order to create an evaluation tool to discover dyslexia deficit in children from 3 to 10 years old, cutting the gap created by paper test. UX has been challenging due to the psicologist requirement. Project consisted in the tablet app creation […]

Tusk Battle

tusk battle featured

website: Tusk Battle Tusk Battle is a turn based arcade game inspired by first game installed in a personal computer since 1952, tic tac toe. Game consists in a match between two players, scope of each one is to collect three contiguous equal cards (between 4 seeds: skeletons, sharks, chickens, and rabbits), in a 4×4 […]

asilo featured website: Piccoli Passi Piccoli Passi is a company based in Rome that runs a kindergarten. They already had a website but it was dated 1996, a restyle was necessary.   Used platform: WordPress. Have a look at: go back website: Tusk Battle is massively multiplayer turn based game developed togheter with Sync-Line Studio. While app was almost done we needed to build a website in order to start marketizing it. Main website task is to have a landing page for new leads to become gamers downloading the app. from the stores. Have […]

gosparc featured website & content: As soon as Sparc device was ready for production, marketing phase took place. Task was to create all the website UX and UI along with all the content. This has been my first website created with WordPress. A good achievement! Since that moment in 2016 i use the platform every […]

Dusk Network


UI Guideline & Content: Dusk Network Dusk Network is a cryptographically transparent  scalable blockchain that provides confidential proofs of ownership, compliance and funds. Astronomical dusk is a specific range of time in which sun is below the horizon from 6° to 18°, each color used in the UI guideline can be found from the reflection […]


Sparc device and backend

Sparc Car Fleet device: A device designed to be economical and transform every “analog” car into a cloud-connected one, just by plug it in the 12 volt plug (the cigar one). The set of geolocation based services offered by Sparc coordinated the Ux development and the related Ui (which had been shown on a black […]